Beats Flex evaluate: Apple

Tried and tested neckband wireless earbuds have more cable than AirPods but at less than half the price

The Beats Flex are Apple’s latest neckband Bluetooth earbuds, and bring many of the fancy features of its AirPods to headphones costing just one third of the price.

The new Beats cost £49.99 and replace the £129 Beats X as the firm’s cheapest wireless earbuds, sitting below the £129.95 Powerbeats, and Apple’s £129 AirPods.

Weight: 18.6g

Water resistance: none

Connectivity: Apple W1 chip, Bluetooth 5, USB-C charging

Bluetooth codecs: SBC, AAC

Battery life: 12 hours

The magnets keep the earbuds from getting tangled, but they don’t coil up very well leaving them a bit of a mess in a bag.

Voice quality on both ends of a call was pretty good, although not quite as clear as with AirPods.

Replacement ear tips are available for free on request.

Having cables to the earbuds means you won’t lose them quite as easily as true wireless models.

Pros: long battery life, good sound, W1 chip, good with Android or iPhone, seamless device switching, instant pairing, good controls, USB-C charging, good value for premium earbuds.

Cons: not water resistant, W1 older than H1 and lacks automatic switching between Apple devices, neckband design may not suit everyone, not repairable, battery not replaceable.

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